Design innovation, durability and top tier technology has made Northern Lights fitness equipment the top selling brand in North America. Canadian owned and operated for over 25 years, all our equipment is built in Canada, using North American steel.


As leaders in “ergo-technology”, Northern Lights has taken comfort, durability and hygiene to new levels with our own proprietary gym and bench padding. Most manufacturers typically staple vinyl to one end of a plywood board, pull it tightly over a piece of foam rubber and staple it to the other end. Over time, as sweat and body oils are absorbed, the pad becomes brittle, eventually cracking and splitting open. Ergo-Tech represents an evolutionary leap over traditionally made pads because it does not absorb moisture; rather it is a sealed, high-density foam. Additionally where many upholstered pads are too wide for the shoulders to move freely during bench-style exercises, the narrow profile of the Ergo-Tech pad permits proper body movements with the perfect balance of firmness, comfort and support.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enables us to build equipment of exceptional quality and design. Robotic lasers cut and drill all steel components, leaving virtually no chance for variation in product quality. At the same time, every item made by Northern Lights is put through rigorous quality inspections before shipment.

Northern Lights manufacturing also upholds to a high environmental code of ethics using 100% recycled rubber to fabricate our protective foot-padding and spacers for our bench presses and multi-gyms; and 100% recycled rubber mats to fabricate our interlocking flooring systems. We also make a committed effort to reuse or recycle 100% of all scrap created during the manufacturing process.

As new fabrication equipment and processes are introduced, our team adapts them into our operations ensuring we are utilizing the latest technology and constantly improving our product line. A great example of our manufacturing advantages is in our recent acquisition of a bending device for use with 14-gauge 2in x 4in steel tubing. It allows for bent joints (in place of welded joints), resulting in products that are more pleasing to the eye. For end users, this all translates into extremely well made and reliable equipment that will perform flawlessly and safely for years.