Adjustable Weighted vest comes with a full set of weights purchased. It can also be adjusted in 1kg increments to increase the resistance if needed. The vest is made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon, featuring padded shoulders for added comfort during workouts. The Weighted Vest is completely adjustable for maximum comfort. The vest gives you the comfort and flexibility of movement while working out with it. With adjustable straps around the shoulders and bottom of the vest, it ensures that the vest will not move or shift on you as you are training with it on.


Adjustable Weight

With adjustable weight from 1KG - 25KG (55.1lbs), this weighted vest is the perfect solution for anyone looking to gradually work their way up to a heavier weight for their exercises. The weight inserts are secured within hook and loop packets and are easy to remove and add.




  • Double padding and lining throughout body and shoulder.
  • 1kg weights (25Kgs Total)
  • Weights are loaded top to bottom body front & back for optimum performance.
  • Width at shoulders -15.5"
  • Vest Height from top of shoulders to bottom of vest - 19.5"


Northern Lights Adjustable Weighted Vest, 25kg

MSRP: $149.88

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